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What are the advantages of an automatic valve lathe as a guide feed thrust?

What are the advantages of an automatic valve lathe as a guide feed thrust?

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The traditional theory holds that in the metal cutting machine tool, if the cylinder is used as the guide feed thrust, the speed of the guide rail is unstable due to the compressibility of the gas, resulting in an unsatisfactory surface roughness of the cutting surface. Therefore, in the field of the conventional automatic lathe, a cam or a cylinder is generally used as the guide feed thrust.


However, if a specially designed steady speed device is added to the rail mechanism using the cylinder as the thrust, the problem of unstable speed can be easily solved.

The automatic valve lathe with cylinder as the feed thrust of the guide rail has many advantages:

First, the pneumatic components are small in size, convenient in piping, simple in control, and can add many automatic functional devices, which is easy to achieve high automation.

Second, the valve lathe utilizes the compressible characteristics of the gas, and can be directly tapped by taps and circular dies.

Third, the valve lathe when the workpiece material is uneven or there are hard blocks, the rail will automatically decelerate.

Fourth, the cost of pneumatic components for valve lathes is relatively low.

5. Valve lathe maintenance and overhaul is very simple.

Sixth, the pneumatic components of the valve lathe are small in size, which makes the whole machine compact and has a small footprint.

Seventh, the valve lathe has less power consumption and saves energy.

Eight, basically no oil, protect the environment.

The R&D and manufacturing of the program-controlled pneumatic automatic lathe adopts the cylinder as the guide feed thrust, and adds many automatic function devices. It has been proved by many customers that the benefits are very significant.

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